Geophysica Vol. 31, No. 1, 1995

6 articles


Numerical Modeling for the Effect of a 2-D Seafloor Trench on Sea-Bottom EM Measurements Using Horizontal Electric Dipole Sources

G. Pethö, P. Kaikkonen and L. L. Vanyan


Source Region of the Energetic Electron Precipitation Between L-Values 3 and 6

Hilkka Ranta and Aarne Ranta


Analysis of The Surface Drift Currents in the Bothnian Sea

Juha Uotila, Jouko Launiainen and Timo Vihma


The Use of Lysimeters in the Study of Soil Surface Processes: Modelling and Measurement Applications

J. Ahonen, S. Tattari, K. Granlund and J. Soveri


Noise Characteristics of the Upgraded FINESS Array

T. Tiira, M. Tarvainen and A. Tuppurainen


Sixty Years of Geophysica

S. Tattari, J. Kajander and H. Korhonen