Geophysica Vol. 44, Nos. 1–2, 2008

5 articles


Prediction of the Geomagnetic K Index Based on its Previous Value

Ari Viljanen, Antti Pulkkinen and Risto Pirjola


Temperature and water vapour profiling by carrier phase GNSS observables on board a radiosonde

Martin Vermeer


Broadband magnetotelluric instruments for near-surface and lithospheric studies of electrical conductivity: A Fennoscandian pool of magnetotelluric instruments

Maxim Smirnov, Toivo Korja, Lars Dynesius, Laust B. Pedersen and Erkki Laukkanen


Ongoing global warming and local warm extremes: a case study of winter 2006-2007 in Helsinki, Finland

Jouni Räisänen and Leena Ruokolainen


Thunderstorm Climate of Finland 1998-2007

Tapio J. Tuomi and Antti Mäkelä