Geophysica Vol. 41, Nos. 1–2, 2005

5 articles


Non-linear Stress-strain Relation in Sedimentary Rocks and Its Effect on Seismic Wave Velocity

E. I. Mashinskii


Probability Distributions of CO2-induced Global Warming as Inferred Directly from Multimodel Ensemble Simulations

Jouni Räisänen


MERIS, MODIS and ETM+ Channel Configurations in the Estimation of Lake Water Quality from Subsurface Reflectance Using Semi-analytical and Empirical Algorithms

Kari Kallio, Jouni Pulliainen and Pasi Ylöstalo


Generation of Magnetic Noise Bursts During Distant Rocket Launches

V. Pilipenko, E. Fedorov, K. Mursula and T. Pikkarainen


A Tale of Two Earthquakes in the Gulf of Bothnia, Northern Europe in the 1880s

Päivi Mäntyniemi