Geophysica Vol. 33, No. 2, 1997

7 articles

Special Issue: Symposium on Air-Sea Interactions (In Honour of Prof. S.A. Kitaigorodskii for his 60th anniversary)

Editor: Kimmo K. Kahma


Professor Sergei A. Kitaigorodskii in Finland

E. Holopainen


Laboratory Measurements of Stress Modulation by Wave Groups

M. G. Skafel and M. A. Donelan


On Waves, Oceanic Turbulence, and Their Interaction

W. M. Drennan, M. A. Donelan, E. A. Terray and K. B. Katsaros


Future Work on the Kitaigorodskii Rougness Length Model: A New Derivation Using Lettau's Expression on Steep Waves

C. Hansen and S. E. Larsen


Extending the Similarity Theory for Atmospheric Boundary Layers: Contribution from Background Stratification

S. M. Joffre


Self-Similarity Concept in Marine System Modeling

R. Tamsalu, P. Mälkki and K. Myrberg


Sensitivity Tests of a Two-layer Hydrodynamic Model in the Gulf of Finland with Different Atmospheric Forcings

K. Myrberg