Geophysica Vol. 32, Nos. 1–2, 1996

12 articles


The Atmosphere Subprogramme of the Finnish Research Programme on Climate Change (SILMU)

Eero Holopainen


Long Paleoclimate Records from China

N. W. Rutter, Zhongli Ding and Tungsheng Liu


Climatic Changes in Northern Europe Since Late Glacial Times with special reference to dendroclimatological studies in northern Finnish Lapland

Matti Eronen and Pentti Zetterberg


Climatic Changes in Finland - Recent Findings

Heikki Tuomenvirta and Raino Heino


Prediction, Detection and Regional Assessment of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Ulrich Cubasch, Gabriele C. Hegerl and J├╝rgen Waszkewitz


Radiative Climate Forcing by Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Finland

J. Sinisalo and I. Savolainen


Simulation of Stationary Waves and Their Interannual Variations With an Adequately Resolved Linear p-coordinate Model

Kimmo Ruosteenoja and Carl Fortelius


Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Solar UV Radiation in the Arctic and Its Potential Impact on Human Health in Finland

P. Taalas, E. Kyrö, K. Jokela, T. Koskela, K. Leszczynski, M. Rummukainen, J. Damski and Ari Supperi


Effects on Environmental Conditions and Transport on Surface Ozone Concentrations in Finland

Tuomas Laurila


Recent Variations of Atmospheric Turbidity at Selected Sites in Finland, Estonia and Norway as Revealed by Surface Solar Radiation Measurements

M. J. Heikinheimo, H. Ohvril, A. Venäläinen, A. Skartveit, J. A. Olseth, V. Laine, H. Teral, M. Arak and K. Teral


Formation, Growth, and Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles and Cloud Droplets

Markku Kulmala, Ari Laaksonen, Pasi Aalto, Timo Vesala and Liisa Pirjola


The SILMU Scenarios: Specifying Finland's Future Climate for Use in Impact Assessment

T. R. Carter, M. Posch and H. Tuomenvirta